Reflexology Student Testimonials & Reviews

Listen to Sarah's touching story about her journey with The Baltimore School of Reflexology.

Certified Reflexologist

Listen to Melinda's stirring testimonial about why she chose a rewarding career in reflexology.

Certified Reflexologist, Educator

Bob's Testimonial for Baltimore School of Reflexology

"At first I was reluctant to take the Basic Course due to not having any medical background. After the first few hours of classroom instruction, I was amazed at how well the course was structured. Even at my age it made sense to me. I’m looking forward to beginning the Advanced course in the near future."

Bob - Selbyville DE

Karen's Testimonial for Baltimore School of Reflexology

"The quality of the education is evident from the fact that I was quickly able to begin my reflexology practice. The depth of knowledge, passion and dedication that Kasey and Jeff have is outstanding. I am proud to say I received my education from the Baltimore School of Reflexology."


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