You must take our Basic and Advanced Programs for reflexology to prepare and allow you to take the ARCB National Certification Exam. The Advanced Program is designed for those seeking ARCB Certification. This course gives you the required 200 hours that you need to take the National “ARCB” Certification Exam. If you want to learn reflexology but do not plan to take the ARCB Certification Test, then our Basic Classes will give you a basic knowledge of reflexology.

  • Complete Basic Levels 1,2,3
  • Complete Advanced Levels 1,2,3
  • Attend a Total of 3 Bodywork Classes (1 in Basic, 2 in Advanced)
  • Complete and Document a total of 75 Reflexology Sessions (25 in Basic, 50 in Advanced)
  • Certification Test will be given at your final Bodywork Class
  • Hands-on Test will be given at your last Bodywork Class

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Online Hybrid Courses
  • Basic $700/total (3 lecture classes, 1 bodywork class)
  • Advanced $800/total (3 lecture classes, 2 bodywork classes)
  • Hand $200
  • Auricular $200
  • Bodywork Class $100
  • Professional Class $200
  • ARCB Review $100

In our Core Classes, our students will participate in both online Prerecorded Live Lectures and in-person Bodywork Classes.

All of our Continuing Education Classes are online Prerecorded Live Lectures.

You only need to travel to our Baltimore campus if you are taking our Core Classes. All of these classes are online with the exception of the Basic and Advanced Bodywork Classes which must be performed in-person, in Baltimore, MD.)

Our Professional Continuing Education Course is also mostly online learning.

All of the others are online only.

Absolutely! Contact us anytime with any questions that are not answered here. We hold a meet-up the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 7 - 8 PM ET.

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